Ethereum POW Or POS? No Guarantees For HIVE Even Forward Looking

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HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: HIVE) is distinct compared to numerous miners due to the fact that it mines the two Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and Ethereum (ETH-USD), while a lot of openly traded miners just my own Bitcoin presently.

The distinction has actually developed a various threat profile, which is much more difficult due to the approaching shift of Ethereum to proof-of-stake. Compared to the chosen peer group, HIVE is ahead in lots of methods fiscally and has actually blended outcomes operationally.

Shift Away From Ethereum Proof-of-Work “POW”.

Ethereum guessing game

The combining of the beacon chain and primary net otherwise referred to as staking or evidence of stake “POS” is presently slated to occur in June of this year, however if you’ve been following Ethereum, you will understand this is by no implies a certainty.

As soon as staking is executed, approximately a 3rd of HIVE’s earnings might be eliminated over night. If a smooth shift away from Ether mining does not happen, hive has actually much better principles compared to rivals however they could rapidly weaken if things don’t go well.

The Kiln testnet, which is the last testnet prior to the mainnet combine, has actually been spun up. The Kiln testnet had a customer bug on the Prysm customer offering bad blocks, however the problem has currently been discovered and remedied.

HIVE is considerably dependent in Ethereum POW; when the primary net combining happens, HIVE’s organization will materially alter. HIVE’s present projection stops increasing its Ethereum mining operation March 2022.

HIVE’s Ethereum hash rate is presently 4.88 TH/s for completion of February, which is lower than the anticipated 5.4 TH/s mentioned in the FQ3 2021 financier’s discussion. Due to the fact that losing out on 2 weeks ~ of mining is significant for the possible ~ 3 months of Ethereum proof-of-work, the lower-than-expected hash rate is somewhat worrying.
Obviously, if POS is forced out, that would be a great gain for HIVE. 

Management since the Q3 incomes call thinks POW will last, and POS will not take place. The concern is if POS takes place, management might be wrong.

Approximating Financial Impact of the Merge.

Let’s presume for simplicity sake that HIVE’s whole GPU mining structure is built from RTX 3080s, which can kindly produce 100 MH/s. Utilizing that presumption HIVE has 48,800 RTX 3080s. New RTX 3080s retail for $1,100 to $1,550 USD conditional upon design.

Due to provide restraints, GPUs are regularly going for greater costs than MSRP; even utilized sell for above MSRP. If HIVE chooses to sell off the GPUs at $550, the proceeds would bring worth over changing to a GPU-centric information center, the balance sheet would not take a serious write-down.

On the earnings declaration, profits will drop approximately thirty percent if they decide not to replace. If HIVE decides to carry on with pursuing their held Ethereum mining will be partly balanced out.

HIVE mined 1,814 ETH in February, if able to mine at the exact same rate, would be 23,646 ETH a year or 63.8 m USD at $2,700 per ETH.

HIVE presently holds 27,218 Ethereum or USD 73.5 m. Now, the finest of both worlds is taking place due to the fact that HIVE can still mine while being able to go after ETH on the beacon chain.

The income HIVE would get from staking is a portion of what could be gotten from mining, so it is not a surprise management is bullish on POW. The issue is the combine is not in the hands of management, and they can not manage to bury their heads in the sand when it pertains to say goodbye to Ethereum mining. Even revealing a meme of co-founder Vitalik Buterin (Age 28) in the financier discussion.

By no means is Ethereum staking ensured to occur in Q2, however Executive Chairman Frank Holmes mentioning, “that it [staking] is not going to take place”, is short-sighted no matter if you think staking is great or not.

Among the arguments some individuals will utilize is they can simply mine something else, however the issue is no other GPU mined coin has the very same market size as Ethereum. Even at present rates, no other coin is regularly competitive with Ethereum in revenue/GPU. Furthermore, numerous other miners will want to do the exact same which will reduce the earnings more so.

HIVE states the HPCs might be utilized for AI, rendering, or remote video gaming. Rival Hut 8 Mining (HUT) is releasing a comparable strategy, so by no ways is it an impractical strategy.
The risk-reward structure of HIVE will alter if HPC conversion is effective. 

HIVE will no longer be simply dependent on cryptocurrency which will reduce the volatility of the business’s financial resources. The compromise is HPCs are normally lower margins however more foreseeable earnings than Ethereum mining.

HIVE will most likely be rushing to change the GPUs which are useless for Bitcoin mining with ASICs suitable with Bitcoin if HIVE is not able to transform to an HPC. Among the primary functional objectives of mining operations is to time electrical capability with mining arrival, if rushing to discover miners to fill excess capability a functional failure has actually taken place.

HIVE is extremely successful however is greatly dependent on Ethereum. Ethereum is moving far from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake producing issues for HIVE.HIVE remains in a strong monetary position compared to its peers.

In summary, I hope management follows the idiom, “expect the very best, however get ready for the worst”.


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