Governments are Governing Against it–Hive is Making it Available to the World

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Hive is forward looking and it has been for a long time. Now they are showing of there new apps and Ideas for the future and you will want to see this. You want to make money without having money?


Hive is a fully decentralized social media-focused blockchain that has a thriving ecosystem of apps that offer many ways to earn cryptocurrency with very little, or no investment at all.

One of the highest paying ways to earn is Post-to-earn. This is like posting to regular social media apps, except you actually own the content posted to But, the earning doesn’t stop with posting. You can earn from Up-voting content, as well as commenting.

Since its inception, not a single word has been removed from the Hive blockchain. Unlike similar platforms, by design, no central authority is able to remove/alter or deny the posting of any content. The user completely owns his/her account and the account cannot be banned, removed, or taken away from the user. This makes Hive the only true Free Speech platform in the world.

And as per earning, below you can see data found on, one of the most popular Dapps in the ecosystem. This post discusses the payouts – to both Curators and Content Creators.

“In the two years of its existence Hive blockchain network has distributed USD 17,717,810 for content creators and curators in native coins, Hive and HBD. If we consider layer 2 tokens from tribes and games this number goes up a lot higher…”

In these two years the total content rewards for Hive are as following:

Author Rewards: USD 8,199,546

Curator Rewards: USD 9,518,264

Total Content Rewards: USD 17,717,810

Hive Distributed At Least USD 17,717,810 As Content Rewards In Two Years   

Hive has awarded USD 17 million worth of payouts to its users and content creators through Hive tokens and HBD (Hive Backed Dollars). Even more, that number only shows a two-year time frame. The platform continues to grow, as do the opportunities for its community members. These are robust communities – growing larger and more diverse by the day!

New users can find countless communities on Hive presented in a system reminiscent of “Subreddits” on social media juggernauts like Reddit. These communities cover a myriad of topics like music, art, travel, sports, photography, and many more. Each of these communities arranges various events at different times to facilitate engagement by rewarding their users simply for participation.

The format of the date fields is ‘YYYY-WW’.  I.e. 2021-25 is week 25 of 2021 (from Monday, June 21 to Sunday, June 27).

1. Weekly number of Posts (including comments)


Joining the community is very simple. You can easily create an account and start earning today! If you want to learn more about how the whole ecosystem works – connect with Hive in the links below!


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